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Do you have any brothers or sisters?

midnight lady

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:( Would you like to have any?

no, I'm used to it and I really can't imagine how it's like to have a brother or a sister, if I think about it could have been nice if I had a older bro/sis but that's impossible. :p

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I have a sister.

Although she's seven years older than me, we're close as twins. We often think the same thigs at the same time and she's taken the words right out of my mouth and the other way round. It's very funny: We even write SMS at the same time to the same friend of us.

It wasn't always so. We used to hate each other, when we were younger. She treated me very bad, she even slapped me from time to time. But it was a difficult situation for her then, because when I was born my mother cared only for me and nearly ignored her from one day to the other. We never know why, my mother never realized what she did. But that was then - 28 years ago.

Now I can't imagine my life without her. She's my best friend and I can count on her - no matter what. I truly love her above everyone else. And she has given me the cutest little nephew and niece!

She's fantastic looking, warm hearted, open minded, very intelligent, very strong headed and shows no sign of weakness or fear to the rest of the world, but she's also very soft and vulnerable, loving and caring towards her family and friends.

But her best feature: She makes the best Cheesecakes and Banoffees in the whole wide world :drool: :laugh:

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I hope I'll have a relationship with my brother and sister like you with your sister :hug: Not that I have a bad relationship with them but..I don't know...We don't stay very much with each other beacuse we have to go to school in diferent times and we don't see each other sometimes for 10 hours :(

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Two sisters - Luiza 8. Renata 7. :) Well, they are not really my sisters. My dad treat them like daughters. Because their mother married my father when Renata was only 4 months. They do have a father, but we are all really close, I used to hate it but now I can't live without them.

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