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Lucien Thomkins

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ethnicity: swiss

age: 17

height: 181 - 5'11

chest: 93 - 36

waist: 74 - 29

suit size: 46 - 36

shoe size: 43 - 9

hair: dark brown

eyes: blue


mh :flower:

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Dazed & Confused October 2007: Björk & Bernhard Willhelm

Photographed by Daniel Sannwald

Styled by Kate Shillingford

th_56794_a3_122_1181lo.jpg th_56813_a6_122_1033lo.jpg th_56826_a8_122_468lo.jpg

Scanned by unipine at TFS

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Pier Paolo Pasolini - lo stile di un poeta

Photo: Matthew Brookes

Style: Nik Piras

Model: Lucien Thomkins

post-379-0-1446129027-22804_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-25372_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-27159_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-31281_thumb.jpg

post-379-0-1446129027-3316_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-37428_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-40442_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-46811_thumb.jpg

post-379-0-1446129027-48109_thumb.jpg th_18150_nuovo-23_122_1091lo.jpg post-379-0-1446129027-505_thumb.jpg

Scanned by blackangel41999 @tfs

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