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AnaBB Cover

Pre-Made Avatars and Signatures

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AnaBB Cover    0

Hey! I had nothing to do so i started making icons and avatars. And now i'm addicted haha. I'm not good but i'll get better. :laugh:

So, i'll post some of them here. And if you want to post these somewhere else, feel free. :)

post-99-0-1446063944-75578_thumb.jpg post-99-0-1446063944-86117_thumb.jpg

post-99-0-1446063944-88594_thumb.jpg post-99-0-1446063944-90256_thumb.jpg

post-99-0-1446063944-93291_thumb.jpg post-99-0-1446063944-95044_thumb.jpg


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Lullaby    0

Random sigs using the new Swim 2007 pictures. They're not the best so I don't expect anyone to use them but here they are anyways. If you want text on any of them, just send me a PM (since I don't always check here) and let me know on what one and what you want it to say.









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PinkCouture    0

My first attempt at making a video avatar :ninja:


Feel free to take it :) But if no one does, it is ok b/c I know it is crappy :/ I hope to improve and make better ones someday :yes:

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ennaid    0

more Natalia avis..

post-3693-1163250134.jpg post-3693-1163250143.jpg

post-3693-1163250151.jpg post-3693-1163250160.jpg

irenistiQ: ok, i will but still have to find it though...hehe...or must have deleted it already

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