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Candice Swanepoel

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sorry, but she looks like a tomato :D

Hm, I wouldn't say she looks like a tomato.

(It's too peach-colored for that)

But it's way too much make-up, yes.

Candice is a natural beauty, she doesn't need this.

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OH. MY. GOD. Candice + acting?? Eeeep. = I can't wait!!! :thumbsup::woot: :hell yea!: :ddr::clap:


:drool: :kiss::heart:


No details as of yet, it's just a possibility according to this video that lovemusic102 posted. ;)

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Candice has faint stretch marks and an oily face. So what?

She's unbelievable beautiful and gorgeous, but still a human.

Stretch marks and an oily face are totally normal.

And they doesn't make her uglier or something like that.

They just show that she's a woman of flesh and blood.

Could somebody post the video of this gif, please? :)


Well said milady :) Couldn't have possibly summed it up better myself :)

Thank you very much :)

I really love photo shoots as long as they are done well.

But they are more like a gorgeous painting; something artificial or surreal.

Photoshop doesn't make a picture ugly (except it's totally over-photoshopped), but it makes Candice "unreal".

While candids which expose her "flaws" make her real.

They show that she's a woman of flesh and blood.

And I think this noticeable aliveness makes her much more beautiful. :heart:

I hope everybody understand what I mean...

I'm not a native speaker and I think I expressed myself a little bit chaotic...

True, they do overdo it a bit with photoshop nowadays, she's perfect as she is, au naturale :) But we've talked about that topic for length quite a while back, no need of going back to that :)

And Candice, acting, really!! :o :o :o sweet lord, can't wait to see if that does turn out to be true, that'd be sweeeet !

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