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Her bio from IG

Miss Universe Australia 2015
📩 [email protected]


Her Bio from her Website


Born in Bosnia before fleeing the country with her parents as refugees when she was a baby, Monika could not have imagined in her wildest dreams the incredible opportunities which lie ahead in her new home of Australia.

Establishing a successful modelling career over the last decade, Monika has headlined national and global campaigns for brands such as White Glo, Novo Shoes, Nutrimetics, Face of Australia, Colgate and Hersheys Chocolate. Monika has appeared as a guest presenter on Sunrise and has starred on Channel Seven’s Kochie’s Angels as a panelist, as well as featuring on the cover of numerous Australian publications including Women’s Fitness.

After winning Miss Universe Australia in 2015, Monika Radulovic proudly represented her home country on the global stage of the Miss Universe competit ion, and was propelled into the finals. She placed third runner-up, only the third Australian to do so.

Monika’s growth has continued to escalate, allowing her to become one of Australia’s most popular rising stars. Her elegance, eloquence and down-to-earth personality has secured her numerous hosting, MC and presenting jobs around the country.

A Psychology Honours graduate, Monika is passionate about using her social media reach, skills and experience to help teenage girls grow into happy, healthy and confident women.

42411950_890215157850615_3260484342418374607_n.jpg 43112001_169375667339133_4785517240602029852_n.jpg 45314032_181526119454902_6107173193736518325_n.jpg 45376359_320294095457877_8148766668781315218_n.jpg 45661435_192719508317300_9130406173567859923_n.jpg 49858485_833232007030709_4422089602712383691_n.jpg 50599299_307427163243951_2179910110470112632_n.jpg 51113486_2311901315488174_7722772872960493862_n.jpg 51956195_325094121686782_9132989201258793351_n.jpg 52942210_2196636267320507_760789604529961709_n.jpg 53112182_2145008922259389_4766094868643282870_n.jpg 53360230_2257432157917013_6440560983293021767_n.jpg 53364421_392717621518930_6954986084254584328_n.jpg 53395632_337453183546013_5712671607874619031_n.jpg 54247906_376599656524701_2056148226530232867_n.jpg 54511964_399757470816805_1579743229901212021_n.jpg 54512784_2361714644085377_3556764803771985419_n.jpg
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