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2 hours ago, elfstone said:

Emily turned eighteen today y'all! :hehe: She needs to sign with a proper agency now!


There is *way* more evidence she just turned 16. Saw a recent social media account with her tagged in pictures celebrating her academic achievements at the Catholic School she goes to. It very clearly said she was in year 10, not year 12 ... so unless hers is a school that celebrates the academic achievements of someone who is two years behind where she's supposed to, it's just more evidence she's only 16.


Saw another less savory site post a friends SM post about her birthday and added in "18yo" in the caption that did not exist in the original post once I dug it up. There are people out there determined to believe or force the idea that Emily is 18. I thought for sure we'd see it clear by now, as there is no real distinguishable advantage for models being 16 vs 18 in Australia... but she or whoever is running her social media accounts are being coy about it.


I'm weirdly obsessed with Emily now and I gross myself out a little bit because of it... Yes, she's wildly attractive... she's developed at an age much younger than normal and more so than some models who are several years older than her even today... and all the red flags I see with her with personal experience knowing someone of her age who was exploited and abused for her looks. The fashion industry is a different beast than the beauty pageant industry, but it's not too far of a stretch to see a photographer like Clint take advantage of her. I shudder to think what someone with his reputation thought was appropriate during that session if he thought publishing photos of her in a see through top at the age of 13, or even 15, was also appropriate.

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