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Michael C. Hall, formally is HBO's "Six Feet Under" now has his own show on Showtime, titled "Dexter". It also stars Erik King, Lauren Velez, and David Zayas, who are alums of HBO's "OZ.

The show focuses on Dexter, a blood splatter expert for the Miami P.D. The twist is that he is also a SERIAL KILLER!!! However, he only kills people who are killers themselves, whether they be child molesters, people who kill for sport, human smugglers; etc. This makes him more of a vigilante than anything else. By killing these bad people, he is actually saving human lives. Of course, he hides this other side from his comrades in the Miami P.D., his foster sister, who is a cop, and his girlfriend.

In case you have missed it, you can view all the episodes at Showtime on Demand and check your local listings to catch new episodes on Sunday.

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I heard the show will run up to episode 12 and be done, is there any word of a 2nd season?

really hope so, this is my all-time favorite non-anime-show ever

I hope so too. Wouldn't worry about it, though. The critics seem to like the show. I don't how to check for cable ratings. However, I think that the show is just going on hiatus to make room for the 2nd season of "Sleeper Cell", which is also a great show.

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Well, jig, u got your wish. I saw the finale on Sunday, and Dexter will be back for a 2ND SEASON!!! :yes: :D :ddr: :hell yea!: :dance: Did u happen to see the finale? I'm not sure if I should tell you, since u are in the Netherlands and all. I don't know if you get to see it second-hand from us here in the U.S. In order not to spiol it for you. I'll wait for you to see it, and then u could PM me, or post your remarks here to discuss it. Until next time, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :fun:

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I started watching it from like the second season, the 4th episode or something and I really got hooked the first time I watched it and now I always watch it I love it!! It'a 1 of my favorite shows now! Beats CSI which I use to watch like 3 times everyday and long ago I got sick of it lol.

Btw is there a way I can watch episodes I've missed online, and from the first season?

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