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Celebrity elimination game


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Basically I'll put my top ten models each with the 10 beside their name. When you post, you copy and paste the list into your post, and take 1 number away from a celebrity on the list that you dislike (erase the 10, put a 9). Also bold the celebrity that you took 1 away from so its easier to tell. The last model left with numbers wins! And then someone else can just put a list of their top 10 models (or other).

credit to Tasty@WFT for the idea

(p.s I know it's lame but I'm bored :p )

1. Cintia Dicker 10

2. Eugenia Volodina 10

3. Sasha Pivovarova 10

4. Mona Johannesson 10

5. Gemma Ward 10

6. Natasha Poly 10

7. Doutzen Kroes 10

8. Bianca Balti 10

9. Freja Beha Erichssen 10

10. Jessica Stam 9

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