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Collagen injections


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my friend is a moron. he keeps insisting that adriana lima got collagen injections in her lips because he stumbled upon this site: http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/archive...en_in_lips.html (scroll down a bit) that claims she got injections in her upper lip. i doubt she did, but I want to prove my friend wrong. so did she get collagen injections?;)

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her lips look natural. i mean when you look at other ladies on that website you can just tell that their lips are out of proportion but adri's lare perfectly in harmony with the rest of her features. the girl's just got full lips, people need to relax it's not that uncommon. i was born with full lips cause even the men in my family have big lips. see no collagen involved

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dont get me started with the implants cantor. she doesnt have implants. if you are comparing her wicked pictures to the ones she has now. then my friend she was around 15 years old when the wicked pictures were taken and she has grown up. you would notice if they were implants.

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