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YES! finaly i was beggining to miss the forum so much! :)

I have a question, now that the forum is being converted to another board software, is everything going to be diffrent and we all have to start posting again or all our post will still be there?

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All of the posts were lost.

Unfortunately, the people that do the backups panicked after it was hacked and ran a backup and did an overwrite over the previous backup. Again, we lost all posts.

But we began working on the forum last night around 8 EST, and we'll continue to work throughout the day to hopefully have it open today.

When they transferred board software, our member groups got screwed up and over 1200 people ended up on the banned list and 2200 people ended up as guests. You CAN LOSE YOUR GUEST STATUS by posting once, it will bump you up into the members group as soon as you do. The banned people we have to handle ourselves and that's a lot of people for two people to deal with.

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