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  1. hey beautiful gooorgeous . I'm doing fine and youu ?


  2. oh really ? my bad ... i will edit then . I thought it was 150 just like on Alessandra's forum =P it's 600x140 ?
  3. a few more ... i've been very bored lately , can't help it ... lol
  4. wow dude...you're fast ! hahah thanks guys...keep 'em coming ! :hyper:
  5. oh def ... well , she always looks hot !
  6. wow thanks A LOT michelabella ... gorgeouuuuuuussss
  7. my gosh ... that's sucks Lullaby ! but I can't wait to see the forum again ... i'm missing it very much !
  8. yay ! i'm so proud of her ! even though she should be the #1 !
  9. {name}


    that is so mean , matt .
  10. Fabiana and Murilo Rosa for Aramis ! sorry if it's repost . credits:globo.com
  11. as long as the forum come back I am not worried about numbers i'm feeling bad for the staff team and Ale as well !! I can imagine the whole bunch of things that the staff has to do now to make the forum come back again , what happened its unfair with us but its just mean with the staff , because now they have to do the hard work . Ale might be very upset .
  12. Its a different kind of forum software, Gabi. The old now Ales forum was made using MyBB and IPB is like this one or FMTalk , I think, may be wrong though ...
  13. It totally ruined my day , I love that place SO MUCH ! I really can't believe how people are , what a loser ! if u need something just let us know ... i'm pretty sure no one here wants to see her forum down...at least I dont ! ps- is just me or anyone else doenst know what is IPB ? :s
  14. {name}


    he's not hotter than Steven ... thats FOR SUUUUURE !
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