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I'm very interested PinkCouture! ANYTHING Victoria's Secret catches my eye. ;)

I got.... some bronzer in Luminous, blush in Love Life, eye shadow in Eye Candy, lip gloss in Make Out and then I got the bronzer brush because I really needed a new one! None of the stuff has arrived yet though, I live in Alaska and we don't have VS here. Kind of sucks actually, I can't see the colors in person so if I don't like any of the make up, I'm screwed.

What did you get? :D

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I'm going to get more when I make more money haha, depending on if I like it or not but how could I not?? Anyway, no I didn't get the free tank and lipgloss, I think that promotion is over but it doesn't matter because I already got one of the tank tops on ebay!!! I just loved it so much I had to find out. I paid like, 13 dollars for it which kind of sucks because Brenda(brenlynn) has two and she would have sent me one!

Very nice selections on your part too! I'm kind of nervous about the shade of lipgloss I got because it's awfully pink, so I hope it looks good. I really wanted the makeup bag but they don't have them online anymore.

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woohoo since we're talking about very sexy make-up, i mine as well chime in! i loooove it. it's really good quality and it does indeed look sexy.

i haaaave...

Contoured Eye Brush

Perfect Lipstick - V.I.P.

Mosaic Eye Shadow - Satisfied

Mosaic Bronzer - Luminous

Silky Eye Shadow - Between the Sheets

Lip Gloss - Hot Pants

i am going tomorrow to get more, i am like addicted to it. i love my free tank top i got too!

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Very nice choices Brenda. :D And I hope you find that bag I want tomorrow!!! Crosses fingers.

yeah, yeah i got you your bag :p

so i went and bought some more today! i gottt....

a make-up back for myself as well

lip gloss in yearning

black mascara

bronzer brush

i want to get the liquid liner next!!

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God! I wish we had a Victoria's Secret here. But!!! I was on ebay last night and saw some Mosaic Eye Shadow in Satisfied being auctioned and I won it today. :)

ungh, satisfied is such a good one!!

when i told the cashier i was getting a bag to send to my friend in alaska she was deeply moved :laugh: she wanted to give me a cute box to send it to you in, but she couldn't find one that was just the right size :(

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