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Hey there girls, :)

I just wanted to ask a question of help if thats ok and then maybe get some of your answers on some other stuff.

Ok well first off heres my question. Im 15 and feel the need to start wearing a bit more make-up. (I feel ugly and im seeing to much of Pretty Models) Right now all im using is mascara :blush: . I have dark hair, lightly tanned skin (mixed race) and freckles, and i was wondering if someone could help me with chooseing what other products i should use if thats ok?

My question for everyone else is what make-up do you usually apply every day or now and then...? I hope its ok to ask :/

Also umm this is weird for me to ask but what does everyone usually do with their eyebrows? What shapes do you have? Do you get them Waxed regulary or something like that? Im stuck on this one so any help will do.

I hope this thread isnt of any inconvenience.

Thanks Lucy15 .

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Hmmm just thinking from what I think of when I think "What did girls my age wear in grade 11?"

I believe that moderate eye liner (no Avril Lavigne styles here), and some nice light lip gloss. Besides that, I dont think much else was used. Possibly face compacts (the powder witha mirror thing) *i think its got another name, but hell i dont know

Note: It really isnt about comparing yourself to people you see. Comparing yourself to another person does no good, because simply put, everyone is not beautiful to everyone. For example, SOME (weird twisted BLIND) people dont like Alessandra (*Cou-neo-gh*)... even though many worship her

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if make up is something you need for a confidence booster, than by all means go for it; but always tastefully.

I use to have a certain shirt (dont ask), that I always felt larger than life in: it was a confidence booster for me... And if you want to know, it was just a green hoodie.

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Thanks Prankster_mech

I was thinking of maybe usuing a foundation, but is it like bad for your skin or anything? Should i apply a base or something before putting it on? I got a free sachet of Estee Lauder foundation in a magazine. I havnt used it yet though becuase im not sure if i should exactly :ermm:

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i started wearing make up when i was 14.i only wore eyeshadow and i was scared of useing mascara because i was clumsy and i though i'd poke my eyes out.

i mostly use make up when i go to school.here's a typical makeup for me-soft black eyeliner(pencil for me, liqiud is crap), gray ot light purple eyeshadow,mascara. when i have time i put on some blush. it looks better if you have cheeckbones. i inhereted that from my lovely mother who can probably compete with Ana BB in the contest of apple cheecks. anyways i'm going off topic.

i mostly concentrate on the eyes. i think that green eyes look good made up. but i try not to over do it bacuse that i would just feel gross. if you have dark eyed i suggest you don't use much eyeliner on them. just mascara and maybe dark brown eyeshadow. i never wear lipstick, just chapstick.

if i go out i use more dramatic and noticable colors, and maybe colored lipgloss.

i don't have a preferable brand but i don't like cheep stuff(i mean it's your face we're talking about, you should buy quality stuff). i don't really like covergirl but they have good eyeliners and blushes. my favorite is maybeline(and not only because adriana is in it)...hope that answered a part of question.

eyebrows...for a long time i coudn't find the shape of my eyebrows. but somehow once i started growing and developing my eyebrows just arched in the way i want them to. i pluck them it seems to working for me. my advice is it's better to leave some hair then overpluck them. needle-thin eyebrows are just not attractive. if you accidently plucked the part you didn't mean to get rid of just use a refular pencil to fix it. it actually works!

yeah i'm planning on being a make up artist and i've taken a cosmetoloy vlass so that kinda thing gets me going. i can talk about it forever. i even gave some of my friends makeoevers...so i hope i helped you , if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask me. i'd love to help

man this is my subject!!!! :evil:

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Thank you soo much green-eyed lady :) Theres alot of helpful stuff in there. I do have dark eyes so i think ill stay away from eyeliner, and maybe use some other stuff you mentioned. The only other question i really have is the one on foundation. I dunno if you can help but thank you for the other stuff ;)

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perosnally i raraly ever use foundation. i'm lucky in terms of skin. the only bad thing about it is that it's too dry, so mosturize a lot. somemotes to even it out i use liquid foundation. but if have nice skin i think regular pressed powder should do the trick. every time before putting it on use some kind of lotion because it really dries your skin. and it's also good when you apply blush because it goes more evenly.

but i really think that if you have nice skin you shouldn't use anything. my mom didn't even allow me to buy powder until just recently because she says your skin ages faster with it. i still have one just in case. just throw it in your purse and use for quick touch ups if needed it!

glad i could help Lucy

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