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i never saw a bad catherine zeta jones picture ...yet. i think she's so beautiful so i doubt i will see any :p as for models. i've seen one doutzen bad pic where she had this bright white-ish blonde hair and her eyebrows were the same color and it....it looked as if she had no eyebrows. i cant find it at this moment but if i see it i'll post it. for adriana....god, those AAA pics. first of all i didnt like how they did her hair, it was too bright and frizzy, and her skin looked orange. too much bronzer i guess. rianne i have not seen any bad pics and same goes for kemp muhl.

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I've actually seen worse of Adriana ... there is this TERRIBLE/HORRIBLE beyond belief picture of her where she is wearing the victoria secret robe backstage and she's smilling ... I know her teeth are not perfect or anything, but she usually never looks that bad. Anyways, it's not just the teeth in that picture .. it's her whole face :whistle: and I love her to death :ninja:

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