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I want to be a model but I don't think I can


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Hi, I'm new and I just wanted some peoples opinions.


I want to be a model have done since I was a teenager, I am 24 now, however I am not sure on which areas I would fit in or if I even have the right physique or face to fit in any, I don't want to start on a journey just to be knocked back in my place. I have had many people tell me I have the right body shape but they are biased because it's my family or friends. Some people find me unattractive now that being slim is becoming a thing of the past, sometimes I kinda hate it. I've never had to work to be slim I just have it, I can eat what I want and not gain a pound and if I do I can lose it within a few days. 
I also have psoriasis, I know this will negatively affect my chances. I don't really have any striking features either, I'm flat chested and I don't have much of an arse either :D

I'm reluctant to add photos of myself but I guess I have to or no one can really answer.


Please be brutally honest if you have to. I would rather be told so on here than wasting money on shoots and being told no. 

The head shots are "professional photos" my ex was a photographer, so I got some for free, :D he also agreed with me and said I don't have the right face and proceeded to show me pictures of other girls that he "loved" b**tard. Anyway, 

I hope you will be honest with me, I just want to know if I can try or not. I'm not looking for compliments I just want yes or no answers. Thanks :smile:


1798543_10202355201154563_350787910_n.jpg 1240291_10201200197240187_1942372431_n.jpg 1462671_564466120291621_1444916128_o.jpg
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