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Ashley Cole

chick style

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Ashley Cole (born December 20, 1980 in Whitechapel, London) is an English football player of half Barbadian descent. He is a defender, who nearly always plays at left back for Arsenal and the English national team. Cole is known for his substantial pace, using it to support and overlap the winger in front of him. His performances has seen him rise from a young prospect to a World-Class left back.

Club career

Cole has been at Arsenal since he was a teenager, and signed as a professional on February 25, 2000. He made his debut for the first team as a striker on November 30, 1999 against Middlesbrough at the age of 18, although this was his only appearance of that season. Before he fully broke into the Arsenal side, he spent part of the 1999

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he used to play alot for arsenal...

it's arsene wenger..

his mind is SCREWED!

selling viera!!!?!?!?!?

biggest mistake!!!

selling petit,overmars!!!


and know arsene is making a big mistake too ..selling ashley cole he is one of the best defenders in europe ..i think arsene is getting old

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I believe in Arsene's decisions, Arsenal don't need him they have enough talented players to replace him, now selling Vierra wasn't the best thing but they needed the money and they saw Vierra wasn't a "play maker" in the game. if Arsene knew that is not the end of patrick's career(he was great @ the World Cup :) ) I think he could change his mind. :p

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