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Natasha Poly


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Omg jacob k is the stylist of the show, his comment "see you soon" means something that is if he will style also the campaign☺☺☺


Yes he also styled the last campaign. 


Stylist: David Bradshaw,Jacob Kjeldgaard. 




It can also mean 'see you soon' for another show he styles? 'see you soon' as what friends say to each other when departing? or 'see you soon' for the campaign shoot/wishful thinking lol



I hope its Natasha x Raquel and no Gigi. If it were the 3 of them, Natasha and Raquel would kill her.

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To be honest I lost my hope a season ago, especially after I saw Lexi Boling in the campaign. But the fact she closed another Donatella's show and that she's wearing Versace to all the events these days is giving me hope again. My dream cast from the show would be Natasha, Trentini and Raquel but that's too many blondes. Now when I'm thinking about it I wouldn't mind seeing brunette Natasha again. I'm excited about Cavalli, hope to see her there and in the campaign too. I have always dreamed about Cavalli campaign with Natasha and Magda Frackowiak. Ok, I should stop now   :nicole:   :Angel:  

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Good news! Is she exclusive for versace? Can we count the "see you soon" comment of the stylist a sign that she will be part of the campaign?

Yes she was exclusive for Versace according to Women Milano.

Jacob styles also Balenciaga.. we have to hope Natasha won't walk for Balenciaga otherwise the "see you soon" was for Balenciaga :(

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I see, do you still wish poly will get the rc ad by dundas? Lolz, the collection is terribly bad i'm glad she didnt walk the show

I don't and i think she won't. It's not Peter's decisions to not have supermodels on his show.. it's simply because Roberto Cavalli doesn't have enough budget anymore to have these women. From s/s 2013 to now they never casted a big model.

Yes it's Alex last show at Balenciaga.

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I dunno why but I feel like she'll be fronting the Cavalli campaign next season. Fresh off from the SS16 Runway presentation yesterday she's already worn 1 from the collection:







I mean as I said on TFS, she's making Dundas' trash at Cavalli look exquisite. Look at her selling it to the gods! Wow!

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