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In California the female body is first and foremost taking into consideration. In Germany it is the face, das Gesicht, le visage.

ACS has both...


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On earth what is more beautiful than the female body... The answer is very simple nothing else.

By the way of proof the great masters of painting Giorgione Venus Asleep, Sandro Botticelli The Birth of Venus, Tiziano Amor Sacro y Amor Profano, Raffaello La Formarina, Bellini Donna Nuda, Cranach Eve, Rembrandt Danae, Velasquez Venus with a Mirror, Gustav Klimt Allegorie der Skulptur... They have and other grands artistes painted naked body of woman.

Surprisingly, aside from Rubens and perhaps Renoir, these bodies are a very similar portrait of today bodies of top models.

It's not a opening speech for Obviously here is Anna Christina :


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