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Carmella Rose


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Rendezvous :: Carmella

This is my set with Carmella, and today, the 3rd of October, is her birthday! So either sing happy birthday in the comments or go over to her Instagram and tell her I sent you… just so I can look cool. Thanks.

I was sitting in my living room the other day when all of a sudden I get a text that said, “Which fucking house are you?” It was from Carmella, and she sounded super friendly! She did the short hike up to my house, we hugged and said something like, “Nice to finally meet you!” or some bullshit along those lines and walked up to my living room. I poured her a glass of whiskey and let her settle down for a bit. I took my time with this shoot. Usually I like to wrap a set up within the hour, but with Carmella, I took about three. We drank, we talked, we shot… and the rest is down below. Enjoy!

Fun fact: I am posting a lot of behind the scenes photos on my Snapchat story. It’s less restricting, so pretty much everything goes! Add it: SirNeave


73b161412202697.jpg be631f412202700.jpg a290c9412202702.jpg dfaa78412202704.jpg 8d48c7412202705.jpg c6c134412202708.jpg cf4d50412202710.jpg da105f412202713.jpg 774a01412202715.jpg e958fa412202717.jpg fe39d4412202719.jpg 665aec412202721.jpg 5e5ca3412202722.jpg 32b0e9412202724.jpg d875a2412202726.jpg be3b0c412202727.jpg ebf435412202729.jpg bb2a33412202730.jpg

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