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Celebs Lookalike!

Guest MissIsabella

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( :wub: ) here's my pic hehe just kidding i dont bare any resemblance to any of the celebrity actualy i hate being called cloned of any1 yeah i agree i do adore alessandra alot n its her hair n eyebrows wich i alwayz i try to copy hehe :blush: but beside dat nuthing i suppose am the princess of myown world :laugh: newayz love the way adriana's giving out fly kiss no wi understand y guyz 'r carzy abt her :laugh: :laugh:

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well wish u best of luck n its good to condemn ppl who harass others just to satisfy themselvesn thir satanic thoughts hope ur in good mood probably u might b better looking than adriana ithink its not wise to call u spitting image of her ur called by this name only coz she famous n luck had played her side as i said u might b better looking person than her neway hope u having good feeling we ve joined this place to ve fun not to spoil :)

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Guest quasicartes

I don't see what's the fuzz about being a celeb look-alike...

Seen SuperSize Me? One of the doctor, that Morgan consulted looked like Sadam Hussein. I swear!!! Miss Isabella, the boys covet Neo, while the girls are jealous of you, so you know, it's natural for envious people to mkae this comment. In fact, you shoul dbe flattered that they make such evious remarks. :laugh:

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:cry: jealous hey am gal2 but am not jealous of any1 infact me 2 codemn ppl who harass others wonder who u refering to neither guy nor gals 'r jealous of neo n miss isabella infact we adore them n respect them as boss lol neway its better we stick to our interest rather then indulging in any kindda problem... :)

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