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Worst Video Game Names


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the last few weren't so great... until they got to #1, they nailed that one.

the blurbs are really good too!


Irritating Stick

And we have a winner. Please pass the ointment.

Platform : Playstation

Publisher : Jaleco

Year : 1999

While it's refreshingly honest that the game actually tells you that it's irritating before you buy it, as a name, it's terrible. It's so bad, in fact, that we bought a copy about five years ago and haven't opened it because we don't want to. Because it's irritating.


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Nuts & Milk

Two great tastes that make no sense together.

Platform : NES

Publisher : Hudson Soft

Year : 1984

Hey! You got your nuts in my milk! Hey! You got your milk on my nuts! Mmmmm.

:rofl: :|



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Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt!

He does. Right in the butt.

Platform : Sega Genesis

Publisher : Tengen

Year : 1994

Fun fact: This is one of the first games to actually use digitized voice. Not so fun fact: Here's a dialogue snippet: Awesome Possum: "I'm awesome!"

Dr. Machino: "You

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