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The Situation

Like Napoleon, you are banished to a small island in the Mediterranean. Alone, you miraculously find a small, ceramic container, and the genie that erupts from his ancient slumber grants you three wishes.

The Decision

"In my gratitude, I will allow you some exquisite companionship: go to www.bellazon.com and find yourself three girls to keep you company. However,

You must choose one girl from the Model section,

One from the Actress section,

And one Other girl, from neither of the above. That is, she may be an athlete, musician, or other well-known female of your choosing. And they can't be historical figures. They must be current.

Who will you choose?

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Model: Eugenia Volodina

Actress: Monica Bellucci (God, the girl is on demand lool ) BTW tantrum you can't have her cuz you can't even spell her name properly :p

other: hmmmm... tough call... Let's say... Alanis Morissette, not for her looks but cuz it would be damn cool to spend a lifetime with her... but oh, is she allowed to bring her guitar with her ? :huh:

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Model: Adriana Lima

Actress: Angelina Jolie

Other: I can't think of anyone really. I don't really have a favourite solo female artist. if not based on looks - maybe the lead singer of the Cranberries, I love their music & Madonna is superb.

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cool, so i can talk to her about "underground" cinema while you eat her out ? :cain: :|

No. I was more thinking along the lines of you talking to her about underground cinema before or after I eat her out.



prudey !

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