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So Mr Alien why is the number of faces you have being questioned?

Rob, the Alien :alien: has absolutely no idea about what you are waffling?

Who did ask the Alien about any "number of faces"? About what movie?

Only the Alien reacted about the main news of the weekend found by xxx:

Oh, the person has now edited their post to nothing :laugh: Best ignore it then :whistle:

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What question will you be asking her, Mr Alien?

It is exceptional :p from the point of view of the Alien :alien:.

Laetitia replied live from Le Monde chat to the Alien! :hell yea!:

The Alien does not have enough room in BZ to waffle far and wide.

Go to DH: movie > The Island.

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As announced by the Alien on May 13, 2011 (post #18437),

Laetitia will attend tonight on May 17, 2011 from 19h Le Grand Journal de Cannes on Canal+

about the movies Behind the Walls and The Island.

You will find later the video on the Canal+ website.

On May 16, 2011 the film director Kamen Kalev was interviewed at Cannes for the Directors' Fornight.

There is a picture of the interview where Laetitia is between Kamen Kalev and Thure Lindhardt.

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http://festival-cannes.canalplus.fr/cannes...oeur-18-05.html CANNES UNEXPECTED Laetitia Casta interview xD

thanks XXX , I am ready to go to cannes, but uma is starting to freak me out, she kinda looks like meryl streep, but it is a funny ad, and I love schwepps, ginger ale, the only ginger ale made with real ginger, well not exacty true, you can get some really good stuff at a health food stores, but yeah, love the interview :) I love the ending of that trailer, kinda a weird kuberick shining moment :heart:

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