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  1. ARTE 28 minutes January 6, 2022 by Élisabeth Quin The Inrocks January 7, 2022 by Fabienne Arvers Franceinfo:culture, France 2 January 8, 2022 France Musique L'invité du jour Monday January 10, 2022 by Jean-Baptiste Urbain Theater of Rond-Point until January 23, 2022. Listen to Podcast of Rond-Point
  2. Catherine in Latar near Figeac (46 Lot) South of France Laetitia's official site: NÉS EN 68, 2009 (laetitia-casta.fr) Full movie until August 18, 2021: ARTE France: Nés en 68 (1/2) - Regarder la série | ARTE ARTE Germany: Liebe und Revolution (1/2) - Serie streamen | ARTE Born in 68 a film by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau
  3. Laetitia is Clara Haskil According to an Alien, Laetitia will come back on stage at Theater of Rond Point, Paris 8th on March 31, 2021 if the theaters will open again. "Clara Haskil prelude and fugue" is a play written by Serge Kribus, directed by Safy Nebbou. Işil Bengi plays the piano during the performances. She is also an actress and played Diwan in Les Rivières pourpres. Safy Nebbou already directed Laetitia in Scenes from a Marriage. Theater of Rond Point is directed by Jean-Michel Ribes who played the professor in The Maiden and the Wolves by Gilles Legrand, when Angèle Amblard wished to become the first woman veterinary surgeon. Laetitia Casta : “J’éprouve une colère envers la société pour la place qu’elle donne aux femmes” by Fabienne Pascaud, Telerama on January 22, 2021. The play of theater would premiere on March 21, 2021 at The Liberté in Châteauvallon near Toulon (83).
  4. "Laetitia Casta, la fille qui démodera toujours les autres" The girl who will always put the others out of fashion. By Cécile Lecoultre, Tribune de Genève, Oct. 5, 2019
  5. Rob, this ELLE double cover by Blair Getz Mezibov would wake up an Alien from summer time hibernation!
  6. Fantastic @wsygb An Alien always imagined Thea as a siren.
  7. ^ Une île (An island) Great announcement, @Ewciolina Théa the fatal siren in the crime movie Une île by Julien Trousselier with Noée Abita (Chloé), Alba Gaïa Bellugi and Sergi Lopez soon in 2019 on ARTE! "Exclusif : Laetitia Casta en tournage en Corse, l'interview", France 3 on October 10, 2018.
  8. Eve, Abel & Marianne Amazing trio, Ewciolina! It's the order of the Genesis.
  9. Don't cross the pink line She did it! Canada means here, there is nothing oops something.
  10. Mirroring effect Occasionally, Laetitia does not have always her fishtail of siren. An agrees with and her new av . As always off-topic subliminal message: ask the dude who duplicates pap pics to choose --at least-- the less worst but not the entire set. Anyway quoting pics by LazzyJas2.0 is fully justified in the case of the Lampro's great pics because of the mirror effect of Ondine in the fresh water...
  11. Great news Sanja! バビロン 55 BabyLooooooooooooooooone not really ㊙️
  12. Летиција Каста & Сергей Полунин in Miami the Cal 2019 by Albert Watson After #Me Too (Balance [denounce] ton porc(elet) [acting as a pig]), after the Weinstein affair, the Cal 2019 features Laetitia wearing only lingerie so she is not fully nude. ^only for Kiki Laetitia plays the role of an artist painter in love with the dancer Sergei Polunin shot by the Scottish photographer Albert Watson. This vintage ring and the Airstream travel trailer remember an Alien about the burning caravan [trailer] in Errance [Wandering]. As Perla in Rio, she likes also the red bird but not only. Since Laetitia likes the dance... "The Pirelli Calendar Finally Makes Women Subjects Instead of Objects" by Vanessa Friedman, The New York Times, July 26, 2018
  13. Летиција Каста in Битола "Actress Laetitia Casta to shoot scenes on location in Macedonia", Mia, July 17, 2018 "Филм Со Французинката Летиција Каста Ќе Се Снима Во Битола", Cooltura, July 18, 2018 Only 18 articles have been illustrated in Time.mk from July 17 to July 18, 2018. Laetitia with Bagatelle Toward the end of an era. More waffling those summers (2017 -and- 2018) on the other side of the burning horizon. was sure that @Ewciolina would be the first to post the title of the new movie, hence the allusion "on the other side of the burning horizon" (go to the "Middle" to pass to the other side). By the way, the old horse could be called "Bagatelle". And it's about the end of an era like the freedom to play as an actress, as a smiling woman, for the supermodels on the catwalk in the 90's.
  14. Gesù Nuovo! Yeah great pap pics but try using a photo host that doesn't cause scam virus pop ups......upload them to Bellazon instead. Now I can't get back to my old Firefox session After that an Alien quoted the insta from Naples in Italy, the country who created the paps, ... Great pics Amelie....but they are not aliens...they are skulls, each one marking a paparazzi photographer that has been shot down by her in street combat!!! ... a dude from the ☠️Skull Valley ? with pleasant avatar icon and siggy did not adequatly filter the worse pics among the only 62 pap pics . Fortunately no kids or known lover are featured. Maybe she could appreciate her stage director. An Alien is really disappointed: there are not enough squares to play a ♛ chess ♕ game. ?
  15. Pop Models a film by Olivier Nicklaus (40:50s)
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