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ugly models


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ugly pics of models happen when the photographer is incompetent, the lighting is bad, the makeup is bad etc

we all know of photos that look....ugly, for whatever makeup/photographer etc reason

Think vogue, inverview, gucci, DG, etc.

post examples of those here.


only high fashion pics

no backyard / selftaken or other nonprofessional pics.

be neutral

do not ridicule

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This could be an interesting thread if approached from the technical aspects described: lighting, makeup,etc. However, exercise caution, because model or celebrity bashing violates Bellazon's Rules and Guidelines:

No Flaming/Bashing

Don't personally attack other members or the staff. We also ask that you please refrain from the bashing of any celebrity, model, and etc. featured on the forum. Bashing includes making offensive comments, or saying something offensive related to a person (i.e. calling someone a slut, a whore, a bitch, etc.). Giving "constructive criticism" of a model such as, specifying that you do not find them attractive because of the length of their nose, or the size of their hips is deemed acceptable but we ask that you please try and refrain from that as well as it still upsets some members.

For more details, please check HERE.

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it is just weird that some unfortunate pics are published by high-end mags and brands.

every now and then there is this expensive photoshoot that produces ...eek-pictures...but which technical aspects went wrong?

why do we not call out a mess for being a mess, instead of just viewing brands as good regardless of what the model/picture representation actually is, which can be... not beautiful at all after a second look.

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The intention is to explore a quiet side of fashion-opinions.

hate produces a giant mess of everything so that is not intended.

just a neutral "lighting was bad", "makeup was bad" etc is what is expected.

i guess the purpose is to nudge the technical people into the right direction if they ever come across these comments.

remember the info of photog, artist, brand, year etc.

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I think the thread title '' Ugly models''has caused misunderstanding,as it doesn't represent your idea of the technical aspects that make a photo ugly,when I saw the thread title and before checking or reading your intro,I got annoyed and said there isn't ugly model outthere but beauty varies in its degrees,then I checked and read it,its title is completely different from its idea. Imho, I think you should change the title.

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It should be titled Ugly Photos of Fashion Models. This way it doesn't imply the model is ugly OR you can just call it bad photos of models. Essentially what you are looking for is bad high fashion photography of notable models whether its the lighting, angles, or editing. This title to me implied models who are not conventionally pretty.

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