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Lars Burmeister


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First of all, something that fine is not a boy but a man. Second, unfortunately he loves me and loves you not, so... :p

I will post the new picts. later...that is, if something doesn't occur again to prevent me :cain:

Your incorrect as well.

HEHE. yoou said "something that fine" but he is not a thing but a someone.

A HOT someone to be precise. :p

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Oh yea he's my type of man!!! :drool:

Just kidding!!! :laugh:

I don't have a type of man. :yuckky:

But you have a type of woman *points to your avatar* :D

Pinky teasing me!!! :shock: :o

Now I now I am in the right spot!!! :rofl: :grouphug:

Its on Pinky!!! :weightlift: :bellazon: :ridinghorse:

BTW Women with a good sense of hummor are also my type. :gocho: :laugh:


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