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  1. Well I'm glad to see that Marisa is still getting sexier as time goes on and that there are now even more dedicated fans.
  2. Loved the show last night. Why did they keep calling her "Larisa"???
  3. Did I hear something about another commercial?
  4. Doesn't hurt to see them again. hahaha
  5. Thanks for all the pics!!!!!!!
  6. TR!!!!!! :trout: I see how you are!
  7. ^ Thats not good. But she will counter that.
  8. How can Marisa have at least one classic pic per year?
  9. You're welcome. hahahah jkjk. Yea. Great job everyone.
  10. Man i love that picture of her on the bike. The one that is in everyone's sig.
  11. Love that sig!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm jealous.
  12. Who cant love an American girl on an American bike?
  13. Think i see a new background.
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