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Actually, when your favorite subjects are math and sciences there aren't that many fields you can go into.

It's either some form of engineering, or you can try for architect, or go into medecine or some medically related field (like pharmacy). That's pretty much it. If you are into languages or human studies, there is a much wider array of choices at university level available for you.

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uhm... Yeah, that's right... But i know that ppl who have studied science are quite good to "sell" on the employment market... with languages, human studies etc. you often have to find a very complicated way through life


That's true too. Allthough even there it all depends on what degree you have exactly. Some scientific degrees are useless in the job-market as well, and some non-scientific one's are very much in demand as well. For instance, psychology and sociology degrees are very much in demand in HRM teams. And people with an engineering degree in electromechanics couldn't find a job if it saved their lives in Belgium.

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