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Elite Model Look 2012, BZ's Winner


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Sella from Israel


16 years old, 179 cm/ 5'10''

In the beginning, modeling was nothing more than a dream to me, but afterI sent some photos and talked to some local model agencies I realized that maybe I could transform it into reality.

Wearing the most up-to-date fashion clothing, traveling the world while working and to meet interesting people is what excites me the most about becoming a model. My dream is to achieve worldwide recognition and to really be a part of the fashion world- in short, to become a Supermodel!

My Diary:


Wanna know who my favorite model is? The gorgeous Andriana Lima from Brazil of course! I think that she brings positive energy to the photo shoots she’s in and that inspires me. My style is simple and comfortable and I really love Calvin Klein’s design, even though it’s simple, it’s always beautiful and unique. I like to read Israeli fashion magazines, they keep me up to date on both international and national fashion. I try to work out for two hours every day, I like swimming, biking and running. But my passion is Triathlon, I’ve competed both at the national and international level for my age group and I love it! My favorite moment of EML? Oh, that’s easy- it was when I reached the end of the catwalk, stoke a pose in front of the judges and the cameras, took a deep breath, made a turn and started walking back, wow!


Vladana from Montenegro



14 years old, 180 cm / 5' 11''

I'm a city girl, coming from the capital Podgorica, where I signed up for the Elite Model Look casting. Modelling is my little girl's dream coming true, and I couldn't be more excited, especially because I love travelling so much.

I'm a big fan of volley ball and pretty much all sports, and that's my only beauty routine.

The moment I'll never forget? When they announced my name at the EML National Final of course, and I'm pretty sure I owe it to my hair, it's my sign and what makes me special. All Rihanna's songs are my favorite, and among models Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Marija Vujovic are my endless sources of inspiration.

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