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Elite Model Look 2012, BZ's Winner


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Mariella from Costa Rica


17 years old, 172 cm/5'8''

In the farm I come from in Puntarenas, I've always taken care of the animals, and learned to love them. It's a pleasure really, and I have to say that it helps me to stay fit and healthy, which is very important for me: being such an animal-lover I’m a vegan, and I never miss out my daily run, which might sound a bit too strict as a beauty routine, but I'm in good shape AND I've won EML Costa Rica!

Besides taking care of animals I love swimming and running, and I take this adventure in Shanghai very seriously because I know it's a gold ticket to fashion so many young girls dream of...


Moyin from Nigeria


17 years old, 177 cm/5'10''

I am from Ondo state, where I was secretly dreaming of becoming a model and posing in front of my mirrors, when I was discovered by Beth Model Management Africa, my current agency.

My hobbies are dancing, singing and drawing, my passions are modeling, how surprising!

My family and friends are thrilled for me, and my dad can't believe I'll participate to the Elite World Final in Shanghai. I'm so excited myself to do photo shoots and parade on the catwalk!

Winning the competition was huge for me because I am now recognized, plus I enjoy the fittings for designers I have always admired.

00203485.jpg Moyin_from_nigeria.jpg
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Paola from Puerto Rico


17 years old, 179 cm/5'10''

I must say that my favorite moment of EML so far was when I was announced the winner, but I also loved meeting the other girls and share dreams and stories with them.

I think the fact that I worked hard and that I believe in myself helped me to win this contest.

I’m so exited to go to China and learn about their culture. And it’s the opportunity to travel the world, participating in fashion shows and modeling for important designers that excites me the most about becoming a model.

My diary:


I see all this as a great adventure that hopefully will bring big and positive changes in my life! There's too much emotion to convey in this blog, let me just say I can't believe I'll be in Shanghai in a little month now. Joan Smalls is my favorite model and she inspires me to one day become as good as her. I like listening to music, especially Shakira and Adele, shopping and spending time at the beach with my friends and traveling with my family. Both my family and my friends think that this is a great opportunity for me to grow as a person and that it will allow me to meet a lot of interesting people. My style is cute and fashionable, yet simple. My favorite magazines are Vogue and InStyle, I like their beauty secrets and fashion advice. I try to get a good sleep every night, eat healthy and do a bit of exercising every day. But I do love chocolate !


Hola from Puerto Rico! Today was my last day of school and I had so much fun! I'm so excited for Shanghai and I can't wait to get there. I can't believe that in just a couple of hours I'll be in a plane on my way to China! So much questions are rushing through my head! Who would my roommate be? I can't wait to meet her! :)


Racha from Algeria


14 years old, 177 cm/5'10''

Discovered thanks to a casting in Oran, modelling is more a spontaneous adventure to me than a dream or anything planned for a long time.

I’m just a girl who likes to have fun and even more swimming and theater, my two hobbies which are my true passions.

Of course it doesn’t prevent me from being super excited and happy about this unexpected but amazing opportunity, and to feel my parents and friends so proud of me is priceless.

002034fb.jpg 63368_492839270736430_505258866_n.jpg
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