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  1. DANNYJO FW 19 modaoperandi.com There are more on the site but I am having trouble saving them 😤
  2. Stockholm Fashion Week: Emelie Janrell A/W 2018 vogue.com Backstage Emelie Janrell A/W 2018 Photo: Anna Florén Elle Galan Party 2018 elle.se
  3. Let's just hope 2018 will bring more contents from Frida She made a partnership with Calvin Klein on instagram with her boyfriend.
  4. I'm glad you are back Niko! HARPER'S BAZAAR TURKEY december 2017 Model: Frida Gustavsson Publication: Harper's Bazaar Turkey Photographer: Mehmet Erzincan
  5. From her instagram, she's definitely switching to acting career. I wish her all the luck
  6. And the truth is that she doesn't speak english well, and she probably didn't understand the question. (in my opinion) The question was so random and typical for the VSFS that I don't believe she didn't understand. English is not my first language and I don't practise it, still I had no problems with the words of the interviewer. I think she was kinda of pissed off because the question sounds like "after the show, when you can stop starving yourself.." while maybe for her is simply a lifestyle choice and she only eat now and then garbage foods, and so she didn't want to come out like she was
  7. I think high fashion is a very competitive market, you have to work a lot (runways, lookbooks, maintaining a very low weight) with lots of new girls that come and go every year. You are not paid so much and it's not easy to become a design's favourite. I LOVE her for high fashion, but I think she made the smartest choice. VS will help Jac keep being relevant without working too much (and somebody who is in the market since when she was 14 could easily get tired of it, I guess) and still get interesting editorial/work once in a while.
  8. Love love it! She is always amazing on the runway
  9. She was at Frida's wedding today :wub2: :wub2: http://imgur.com/IzJ91N1'>
  10. new works from Frida, finally ♡♡♡ thank you so much Niko!
  11. I'm seriously wondering how an human so beautiful can exist. Really, her hair, eyes, smile, I envy her so much! And she seems so cute in the last video
  12. Gorgeous video, Frida's voice is so beautiful! Hope they'll release the HQ of this pictures Thank you
  13. She's letting her hair grow! love it
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