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V for Vendetta

Jimmy Changa

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I was so impressed by this movie that I simply had to start a thread.

DC Comics put out a graphic novel in the mid eighties and this movie is based on that comic. While the story line deviates from the comics, it definitely captures the spirit. If you like great writing, intelligent storytelling, intense action, and wonderful acting...you'll love this movie. It's politically based and it hasn't come at a better time. :yes:


V/William Rookwood: Hugo Weaving

Evey: Natalie Portman

Finch: Stephen Rea

Deitrich: Stephen Fry

Adam Sutler: John Hurt

Creedy: Tim Pigott-Smith

Dominic: Rupert Graves

Lewis Prothero: Roger Allam

visit the IMDB listing for more cast and info.

Homepage: http://vforvendetta.warnerbros.com/

Get the Graphic Novel: V for Vendetta Graphic Novel

Soundtrack: V for Vendetta Soundtrack Samples and Reviews

Guy Fawkes Poem: Remember, Remember the fifth of November...





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I went to see it last night. It was awesome. As you say, 10/10.

The only problem I had with it was Natalie's acting in the first half-hour. It was slightly awkward, plus it wasn't believable that she would be so trusting of V so quickly.

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