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I am new to this forum, if you want to know more about me, click on my profile link.

I have been searching for a while wondering if there were names behind the pretty models in the print/ads of various department stores like JC Penney, Kohls, Macy's, etc. I really like the juniors dept type models, which was the reason of searching for such info. I wasn't even sure I would've been able to find it till I randomly searched and found this site! I am glad to find a resource about the models, like the name to their likeness, their ages, height, sizes, and how they really are professional - that they use high class agencies. I have a significant collection of some cuties, etc.

I hope to learn more, and interact on here - this is a very interesting resource!

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Thanks Mahi,

I thought I was crazy or what that I was collecting a huge collection of models from the newspaper ads section. I had accumlated a lot of them, and I had began a project early last year to purge and reduce the collection, that I have been able to put at least 400 (!) of these pretty faces and bodies into loose-leaf poly cover thingies into at least 2 huge 3" ring binders in hopes to scan or copy on a light box to draw and replicate. (I do draw and I like to draw pretty ladies too.) The project has been completed so I am probaby will consider scanning ones of interest (and I have a pile of recent ads that I am going to organize too.)

I am glad to find this resource and thanks again for welcoming me here!

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