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This show is about working models in miami...you get to see the real work...and its really nothing like america's next top model...they're working models...they've kinda made it in that sense...and now its them going to castings, going to runway shows, going to the club, just everything in their busy life...so yea...

i really like this show

for the guys...the girls are really beautiful and there are these two blondes..resemble a little bit of kate moss if you really look..and my favorite...her name is britt shes so beautiful and real..and shes humble because she just came from like the country to the city.

for the girls...OH MAN...the male models ofcoarse they're beautiful...adrian <--hot chilean guyyy damnnn lol and this other one Vinci...ugh this puerto rican ass books everything...and hes most on demand...they're really cute and can work


You can meet the cast, see photos, see the After Show, check out the episode guide, get podcasts, and see irene marie...the owner of Irene Marie Management Agency

and lots more.

The second episode will air today at 10:30..it airs every tuesday on MTV @ 10:30

So check it out!

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I've seen 2 eps and i LOVE this show.

For some reason I don't like Brit. She seems to me like a mix between an ugly Natalia Vodianova (don't get me wrong i think NV is absolutely stunning) and that Nicole chick that won the last Americas Next Top Model.

I'm in love with Vinci though. I don't care that he's an ass. He's so hot. I like his cockyness.

(I love that ir's here in Miami. I see the places they're at and I go "Hey! I've been there more than a couple times.")

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That show is pretty much shot in South Beach and DownTown, those places, yeah. Everything is like that. The beaches all over Miami are like that. But the rest of Miami, (other than Coral Gables and other upperclass areas) looks pretty different. But the show does depict Miami for what it is: The beaches and the beautiful people.

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I like this show too. AnaBBarrosFan, does all of Miami look like that area this is filmed in? I've always heard Miami is nothing like they are depicting it on this show.

they are not trying to depict Miami.. they're only showing Miami Beach.. which is exactly that...

I fad fun times over there..

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Vinci and Adrian are soooooooooo hot! I wouldn't mind getting stuck between the two if u catch my drift.....-lol-

She has gotten more work done than Micheal Jackson. I bet she's like Cher and is like 178 amd will forever have work done to look quote on quote "young"

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that heidi girl is really beautiful..reminds me of karolina kurkova and rebecca romijn...for some reason i really like her more then britt..tho shes really beautiful too...teddy got a taste of his own medicine with the love triangle.

My wife who is also a model has worked with Heidi a few times.

I have to say my personal favorite on the show is Sabrina. She and Kelly both look amazing, but Kelly is such a bitch at times, meanwhile Sabrina is always the sweet one.

Brit is definetly hot as well.

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AnaBBarrosFan...i AGREE!!! they areee soo fine...i just really like teddys eyes...kind of dark blue but it comes out...and vinci he takes shit for granted...he doesnt come on time...i saw it last night and hes late constantly...lmao this is random but i love tino...i feel like he should just cook pasta...his accents cute lol

drakonnen..so you're wife's a hottie, huh? :p lol yea i feel that heidi is so gorgeous and they just portray her to be a whore...w/e i like her...britt was a little jealousss...anyways sabrina i've liked her even through her skin crisis...shes booking jobs..and um kelly is basically a two-faced liar..and a bad one meaning a bad liar...they had this job where they had to show..this client comes ONCE a year..and kelly "forgets" to tell sabrina lol w/e reality tv sucks cause the cameras are there and they WILL catch you lieing lol

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