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second one is awesome.with no make up ;)

no she is wearing make up because i saw that video and tis for a tim advertizmetn and they dont do those with out somemake up also make up artists now a days dont put much on its mostly cover up and concealer for a natural look makes the model s look like they dont have make up but they relaly do although i think with out make up or with adri still llooks the same simply beautiful

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yeah i know. I do that from time to time for a couple different reasons. At this point in time i'm debating whether or not to continue to add photos to it, it's not the main reason it's offline. I will, if i plan to close it up leave it open for a period of time so people can save things if they haven't already, but right now i just don't know the fate of it. I will put it back online now though, but do expect to be offline again at some point.

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