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  1. i know... you want me :)))

  2. uuu good that my future wife is not here to see this :)) she`d kill me :P

    i`m not posting that much here as you can see... i`m busy with work most of the day .. and then i`m out with her and her gourgeous friends ..uhh

    miss you too

  3. hmm page not found :(

  4. things are good .. could be better but i`m not complaining.

    what about you? :P missed me?

  5. well i don`t know yet .. i just got engaged .. next year in may on june .. this year my bro is getting married ..

  6. uuu i`d like that :D

  7. hehe thanks. i`ll invite you .. but you`re too pretty so i might cheat on her with you :))

  8. hey you. my day is very good so far ... sorta .. i got engaged 3 days ago... this morning i went out with my fiancee and in 1 hour she`ll leave to another city ... she`s filming for a tv show ... how about you?

  9. Happy Valentines Day to you too :P

    working hard?

  10. i`m fine i guess... tired.. i love ... :D how about you?

  11. hahahaha you crazy rock star :D

  12. dunno ... right now i just woke up and my plan is to go drink a coffee somewhere.. wanna come? :D

  13. oh yes you can :D i liked the videos :D superman

  14. yes. you crazy girls :))

  15. la multi ani scumpa mica

  16. oh yes we really should :D

  17. ti`a inghetat funduletu :)) eu ce sa fac.. golan ca de obicei :D

    am vrut sa vin ieri noapte in bucuresti,dar n`au fost de acord unele persoane ...

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