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Opening a business


Which name is best  

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  1. 1. I'm opening an online crochet shop. Which option would be the best name?

    • The Hook Nook
    • Hook it and Book it
    • Tonirenee's Quirky Crochet
    • Let's Get Knotty

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I have been crocheting hats for a while and I really enjoy it, so I thought I would open a shop online to sell my hats and I'm looking for the perfect name that will stick out in people's mind. I want something catchy. I did some brainstorming with LMS and we came up with these. I would really appreciate it if you guys would vote and help me decide which one to go with :)

Here is one of the hats I've made.... so you have an idea :D


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Let's Get Knotty....the second I read that one it was imprinted in my mind and I doubt I shall forget it anytime soon. Name has good memory grab, no doubt a catchy one too.

And love your idea of the online business, cant wait to hear more on it and see how it goes. Once you have everything worked out I will gladly share the link to your online shop with

everyone at my office, especially those expecting....don't be surprised if u get an order from Jen :whistle: Love the product, no imitations, nothing but knotty :laugh:

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