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Changes 7.1.5

Abilities which are changing:

 Displacer Beast speed increase duration now 2 seconds (was 4 seconds).

 Infected Wounds now reduces movement speed by 30% (was 50%).

 Maim damage increased by 75%.

 Moment of Clarity now increases damage of affected spells by 15%.

 Moment of Clarity ( Omen of Clarity) now only affects Shred, Thrash, and Swipe.

 Razor Fangs now increase the damage dealt by Rip by 4% per point (was 7%).


From Wowhead 7.1.5 Feral changes.

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12 minutes ago, elfstone said:

But its crappy quality. COuldnt even find lq :rofl:


It's very odd that they took those down but the product is still on their site with another model.

Hanna is still even in some of the banner ads you occasionally see on other sites.

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