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Short Models


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Josie Maran 5'5

Laetitia Casta 5'7

Julie Ordon 5'5


not true. Julie Ordon is 5'7" almost 5'8". She has done runway. Also Josie Maran is 5'7". You can't believe everything on the internet. Laetitia is listed at 5'8" but at one point was listed at 5'6.5" so 5'7" is pretty dead on. if a model is listed at 5'6" they are probably shorter than 5'6". Certain agencies overinflate a models height while some make their models shorter if they are too tall. There are very few models under the height of 5'6" in this business unless they are a novelty of someone's kid.

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kelly brook 167 cm


kelly brook definitely not short but if a model 5ft 11in (180cm) alongside of kelly


megan fox 5 ft 3 in (160cm) she is short


megan fox isn't a model. she is an actress.

Kelly Brook isn't a fashion model. She is a well known glamour model. In glamour modeling, height doesn't matter. I believe she is also 5'8". Don't speculate height or use that celeb height website because its wrong. That model next to her might not be 5'11" also she isn't standing straight either. Look at her standing next to men if your going to compare because they don't where heels. She isn't that short.

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