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  1. rosario more attractive to me and ı love her cute big smiling
  2. adriana lima getting a little old. erstwhile ı was a hard supporter of her. but that's such a brutal life I can not believe to vote against adriana. adri's baby face is getting old already. she was more beautiful when she was around 18-25 I know it was a very emotional conversation. ı'm so sorry adri.. my new stunner is doutzen
  3. two girls in the same class but ı voted x2 for candice
  4. both are dutch babes. ı cant compare them. both perfect
  5. ı cant believe you asking it. nederlands,czech,england,denmark rest of north europe
  6. ı voted for veena by mistake my girl is hadise. she act a harem girl in eurovision. hadise such a orientalist sexy girl. ı pick her :brows:
  7. rachael leigh.... whatever very weak opponent for hurd wood
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