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Nina Moric


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from askmen.com

Nina Moric was born in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, on July 22, 1976. She grew up in an upper-middle class household, and her parents, a doctor and an economist, encouraged her follow her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Nina recognized that although she had the brains to pursue the higher intellectual echelons, her body could put most women's to shame. So she entered a national pageant and was awarded the title of Miss Croatia. At that moment, she decided that she could very well be a world-famous model.

She entered the Elite Look of the Year modeling competition in 1996, and came in second.

Even though she didn't take the top trophy home, the powers that be noticed Nina's enormous potential. She joined the Croatian modeling agency Midiken with a two-year contract worth $75,000 US. While continuing law school, she started modeling for some of the most prestigious fashion houses in Milan.

In 1998, she reentered the Elite Look of the Year modeling competition once more and this time she won, earning the title of Model of the Year. This victory proved a launching pad for her career as it got her a two-year contract with one of the most celebrated modeling agencies in the world, L.A. Models.

She then relocated to Los Angeles, where she started to model for companies like Versace, Erreuno, and Les Copains. A mere four months after her move to America, she was cast in the music video of a little-known Puerto Rican pop star.

The singer was Ricky Martin and the video was for the song "Livin' La Vida Loca." Not only did the song prove to be a chart-topper, but it was nominated for six trophies at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, taking home the titles of Best Dance Video and Best Pop Video. As the brunette seen draped all over the Latino heartthrob, Nina left a lasting impression.

At the time, there were talks of making a sequel to the 1994 blockbuster film The Mask and Jim Carrey desperately wanted to cast the beautiful Nina Moric as the female lead. Unfortunately, negotiations fell through and Canadian funnyman Carrey left the project.

Having realized her dream of becoming a world-famous model, Nina discovered that she was a star in Italy, and became a TV correspondent on Torno Sabato with Giorgio Panariello on RAI1.

She was also on Canale5 with Luca Barbareschi and she played Bora the Vampiress with Natasha Stefanenko and Enrico Bertolino on RAI2's Convenscion2001. She did television commercials for perfumes, fashion lines, as well as for Citizen watches and Infiore swimwear.

In 2000, she decided that music was something she wanted to try. Teaming up with techno/dance producer Joe T. Vannelli, a man who had worked with artists such as Erasure, New Order, and Bobby Brown, she released a single called "Star."

Released in four remix versions, it didn't catch on and therefore an album wasn't produced. Nevertheless, Nina insists that she takes her music career seriously and it's still her goal to record an album.

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