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How can people still be racist in 2006? hahahahahah

come on yaar

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i know . . . i don't think that it's funny at all. :| in fact it is very sad and disturbing that there are people with these beliefs and that, despite them only being children, that they are allowed to spread this trash and potentially incite trouble. it makes me sad that no action had been taken against these individuals. i have no problem with people having and expressing their own views but when they extol racial hatred or are inciting individuals then i think that their rights to express their view should be curtailed . . . i don't think that there is a place for white supremacy in the US <_< and i definitely don't think that people shoudl treat it as a joke because there most definitely is nothing funny about it :whistle:

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Wow. That was sad, disgusting, horrible and scary. These children seem to have been brainwashed into blindly following their mother and accepting everything she says without thinking about or questioning it. Even when I was a kid I would never do that; if I did I would probably be a bit racist and homophobic myself. It's sad that so many people never think for themselves anymore; they just accept everything as it's spoonfed to them even if the person holding the spoon has a bottle in the other hand with "poison" written all over it.

I'm sure these racists wouldn't like to read the article that I just read; there is scientific proof that mixed race people are much more healthier and resistant to disease than those with pure blood of any race.

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i prefer to be honnest and don't say "wouah, the racism is bad and blablabla"

and girls and boys haven't the same experience.

a part of my family is black, and i never had problems with people's color.

by the way, i would like adopt kids and i know in france it should be hard so i certainly will adopt kids from another country. 90% of my boyfriends aren't french and i'm not totaly french, i'm belgian/dutch by my mother.

so with all these i could pretend don't be racist tut sometimes i'm "tired" of people' behavior of few countries...

it doesn't mean i hate all the population of these countries, absolutly not, but it means i tired by a piece of them.

but when you are a girls and boys don't stop to touch your buttocks; they are in their car, stop in the middle of the road and follow you during 600m to have your phone numero and you refuse and they they don't stop trying; when they are in their car and they whisttle you and say "yeah, nice *ss" or "i wanna f*ck you" and trust me i never lived in the red light district... in the end you are angry. but in same time i can be in a red light district or in a nice district (or in paris or in tthe south of france) it changes nothing, there is no difference. (same thing if you are 12 years old and you wear a pants with a t-shirt or if you are 22 years old and you wear a dress... or yes, with the dress it's harder to touch the sex when they put the hand between the legs.)

so without lie, in the end i became racist of the boys from these countries because their behavior is disrespectful and degrading. i don't think it's normal to be sexual harass by unknown guys in the street and when violence or give a call at the police or scream "help" is the only way to make understand "stop" or let me alone it's just whoua, incredible

so maybe the racism is not a good thing but if people don't try to have a respectful behavior their adaptation won't be better.

and it's all the time (in 95% of cases) the boys from the same countries.

sad but true.

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