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Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

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1. I know it may be too much to ask if I were to say stop insulting or speaking negatively of models or celebrities in their own threads...But can we at least not stop by just to say something negative or offensive about models or celebrities who have new or small threads? Instead of showing up to say:

A) " :sleep: "

B) "She looks like every other girl, she'll never make it..."

C) "She's okay..."

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First of all I agree to the first post, this is usually one friendly forum. This forum community has some very friendly and fun people.

I know this may make you blush but you are one of the friendly ones Joe...

It is so hard to not put an opinion on a topic when you have one to make. I have put a post or two that may not have been wise to put down, but hey hopefully they disapear into the more than 100 page topics. But it is better to keep with the term, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." One person may like that someone else may not like. Its all in opinion and if someone isn't in the same opinion then just move on to the next thread..

I agree with the duplicate topic, do something about it and keep it nice. I seen another forum today that had related topics menus at the bottom of the topic. It can be an idea to eliminate some issues with creating a topic that excists, I am sure somewhere that had to be selected when the topic was created. It is an idea, alot of programing involved I am sure as well, but it could help it. I am new and am not aware of how often duplicates happen but I am one that likes to find resolutions. That's one I see as an idea to look into.

I am allows learning new things about this site... May be if there was also a way to direct a new user to a how to guide and show how to the use functions of the site, like search and such. It can ellimate questions that can make duplicate posts on the forum. If there is one I am not aware of it and sorry, like I said I am new still trying to figure out this community.

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Something that would make BZ even better...

1. If people had more to do with the male models as well as the female ones... or the males in general... the women of the forum seem to get waaay more love.

2. If more people voted in the male model competition :rofl:

yes, I did just advertise my thread in here. What you gonna do 'bout it... please don't give me a warning :ninja:

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There may be a quicker way to do this. I just kinda copied it from The Joker :ninja: I still don't know how to do cascading multiple quotes :ninja:

1. Go to reply and copy and paste one set of quotes from one person.

WOW JOe how did you do that... there has been a couple threads I would have loved to do that...
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BZ is a place where it's so easy to look like the bad guy from just being honest...

...Or honestly saying things that didn't need to be said out in the open :ninja: or honestly saying things that need to be said in what can easily be interpreted as the wrong way :ninja: :p Or honestly saying the right thing the right way to the wrong person at the wrong time :/

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