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Who started bellazon?


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I joined in 2008 and what I know about BZ is that it wasn't Bellazon at first and the admins

transfered members from the old forum to here (From what I observed in some old threads here :p)

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As far as I know we all came here when ChilaX closed. But I don't know who started BZ. I registered on ChilaX a year or so before it shut down, probably in 2002 or 2003. But I can't remember anymore what the background story to the closing of ChilaX was ... :trout:

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Most of the original BZ members (including yours truly) came from another forum called ChilaX (after that forum was shut down).

This forum was created as a new "home" for the former members of ChilaX.

As far as I recall, the two founding members were Solo and Neo52285.

Of course, in terms of number of users, BZ grew to become much bigger than ChilaX had ever been.

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