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Hey. My name is Ashley. Uhh... Im from Louisville, Kentucky and I'm turning 17 on January 25. I found this site while searching for pictures of Gisele in which to wrap my boyfriend's christmas present (a quilt made of t-shirts). We both have an extremely unhealthy infatuation with her. Soooo yeah. I'm pretty much in love with this site and everyone here.

Talk to me, I'm nice :p

Oh, and here's me:


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Haha thanks. Don't worry- we Ashleys are used to having other ones around.

I'm one of the Ashleys and I agree. :laugh: It's weird to not have more than Ashley in one place, at least for me.

Definitely. I have two other Ashleys in one of my class. There are also three Katies, three Sarahs, and only two boys- both of whom are named Adam. Sorry, that's more than you needed to know.

Anyways. Ashleys > life.

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