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I'm a big fan of Daniela Pinedo. I didn't know she had a thread here. I'll post my own scans from the Colombian magazine Cromos, June 2007...

First published in the forum Lingerie Colombia, where I participated from time to time...

She is sexy and lovely!



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Daniela Pinedo was the top model of the Colombian lingerie brand Ellipse from 2008 to 2010, approximately... Some digital catalogs of that brand of lingerie. (Sorry for the low resolution)

Ellipse Brides

th_983412342_nv01_122_25lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-16371_thumb.jpg th_198341554_nv03_122_393lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-17394_thumb.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-19029_thumb.jpg th_983418727_nv06_122_72lo.jpg th_983420315_nv07_122_440lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-19889_thumb.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-21182_thumb.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-21816_thumb.jpg th_983426111_nv11_122_172lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-23531_thumb.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-25285_thumb.jpg th_983430691_nv14_122_501lo.jpg th_983432186_nv15_122_166lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-26509_thumb.jpg th_983434994_nv17_122_91lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-298_thumb.jpg th_198343775_nv19_122_579lo.jpg th_983439654_nv20_122_872lo.jpg th_983440648_nv21_122_346lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-3226_thumb.jpg th_983442597_nv23_122_211lo.jpg th_983443573_nv24_122_92lo.jpg post-43669-0-1445996153-33723_thumb.jpg

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