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  1. It seems she is currently acting now under a new name. She goes by Makenzie Leigh, and currently plays the role of "Liza" on the Batman prequel series "Gotham". She looks gorgeous, BTW.
  2. Nice collection, Luis. Great additions. She's growing up to be very pretty.
  3. Such a natural beauty. A great loss.
  4. In the fourth pic from the left, she looks like Taylor Swift.
  5. Ok, so this individual is trying to pass herself/himself off as this chick to me on a Social Network. Unlucky for this person, I have seen this girl before on advertisements for dating sites and the like at a few places on the web. Creepy, yes, but the fact is this girl is gorgeous. Yes, I know she is probably on her way to being a carshow model, but I am still curious. Anyone know who she is?
  6. Boriken

    Willa Holland

    She can smoke if she wants. Not my thing, but she can knock herself out. I'm just saying that if your going to smoke and have tons of high-res pics taken of you...Make sure you don't have nasty tar stains on yer teeth.
  7. Shay does look great, so does Skyler Samuels. I like Skyler's voice. ....ok, enough of that, now back to Shay!
  8. Glad you think so XD Oh I know so. DEFINITE wow factor, says I
  9. Boriken

    Megan Fox

    I honestly am sad to see her fame dwindling, but I am also not surprised. I can't help but feel like she handled fame somewhat poorly. But that is my opinion, and it's entirely possible I would have handled it worse. So, lets hope it turns around.
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