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Liza Golden


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I hate websites like that. It doesn't tell you anything of importance. I love how they only list her NY, LA, Miami, and London agencies. I am sorry but if it weren't for Anima Creatives she wouldn't have landed all those prestigious covers and editorials that they are gloating over. Just because it's India doesn't mean its not important.

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now her, I love :heart:

post-11622-0-1446121143-06245_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446121143-06911_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446121143-08888_thumb.jpg

post-11622-0-1446121143-09945_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446121143-11556_thumb.jpg post-11622-0-1446121143-12917_thumb.jpg

Texas-born Jersey girl Liza has a far more exotic background than those two states suggest. With a gene pool going back to the sub continent of India, Liza was scouted by Ginny Edwards three years ago, and has only recently decided to concentrate on modeling. This is a girl on the rise – after visiting India last fall, Liza was announced as the new face of Lakme (the biggest cosmetics brand in India), and has shot Indian Vogue, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar and a slew of top Indian fashion magazines. Currently in London with Storm, we have high fashion hopes for this lush beauty.

dailey duo, mdc

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