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Liza Golden


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First Name: Liza

Last Name: Golden

Nationality: American

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: September 25 1989

Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA

Height: 5'10" ; 178cm

Measurements: (US) 32-24.5-34.5 ; (EU) 82-62-88

Dress Size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 34

Shoe Size: (US) 8 ; (EU) 40

Mother agency: Ginny Edwards Development


* Chadwick Model Management - Sydney

* Mega Models - Miami

* Anima Creatives- India

* New York Model Management

* L.A. Models




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Everything she touches may not turn to gold but Liza Golden has accomplished more in one season than most models do in a lifetime. The cover of Harper’s Bazaar India? Check. Vogue India editorial? Check. Kingfisher calendar spread? Check. The new face of Lakmé cosmetics? Check and double check. In a mere six months, Liza has gone from being an aspiring model to becoming a bona fide superstar. Liza talks exclusively to Couture Rani and shares in her own words how an all American girl became India’s top model.

I was born in Texas and lived there until I was 6 or 7 and then we moved to New Jersey to be with my grandparents and closer to my Mom’s aunt and father’s family as well. I was a big tomboy as a kid. I was always up to no good and I was always in the dirt with the boys since I was the only girl in the family! Growing up, I actually wanted to be a veterinarian or a dentist. I had never thought about modeling. As I got older people always commented to my Mom that I should be but I had no idea what it meant. When I turned 17 or 18, I started looking into it and wanted to go to fashion design school in New York City but never went through with that. I finally decided on Nursing but dropped out when I entered an Elite modeling competition. I came to India after my two agents at Anima Creatives, Mark and Gunita, scouted me while I was in Australia for work. We were shooting together for an Indian magazine and we got to talking and I guess they liked what they saw! They asked if by any chance I was Indian and I said, ‘Well, actually I am.’ So it went on from there and they finally got me to India after a few months! liza_4 I’m half Indian– my Mom is Punjabi but she was also born in the States along with her brothers and sisters. My grandparents have been in the States for almost their whole lives, so although we have that blood in us we are VERY accustomed to the American way of life. My grandmother told me that India was not going to be the right place for me and that I wouldn’t last and that I don’t didn’t know what I’m I was getting myself into. But it’s been about six months now and I’m still here! Everyone is surprised, since it’s hard to come from an American way of life to any other and India is the CRAZIEST place that I have ever travelled to and I’ve been to many countries. But it’s the country I’ve done the best in and it’s the country that I’ve always wanted to visit when I was young. But I actually wanted to visit it to do something in the wild like National Geographic, going through the jungles, chasing after animals and observing their lives, haha! That never quite worked out and it’s crazy because now I’m here for fashion!! It’s funny how the world works.

“You’ve got to have an open mind for India and be one of those people who is just a free spirit!”

Editorials are by FAR my favorite to do. I’m not a big show person, because in real life I’m actually quite shy. I can talk as much as I want on the computer or through texts but I’m totally different in person. But I have to say that my shoot in Mauritius for Kingfisher was amazing because I got to shoot with CHEETAHS! I was face to face with two of them, with my arms around them and I just felt as if we were one! It was sooo amazing and thrilling and I wish I could shoot with animals everyday!!!

Another favorite shoot was for ELLE magazine with Tarun Vishwa. Mark and Gunita had told me a lot about him and how he’s an amazing photographer so I was actually REALLY nervous about the shoot. It was really graphic with metal and ladders and poles everywhere and it was super edgy and it turned out to be amazing, one of my best shoots yet. I shoot pretty often with Vishwa and in fact, he’s my favorite photographer which is a bold statement. But he knows my style and he always captures it the best! He also shot my first Lakme campaign and I was so ecstatic when I found that out! Being named the face of Lakme is a really big deal. It’s a lot to live up to and I’m really proud to represent the brand for my fellow Indian ladies! elle-india When I’m not working I love going to Goa. I buy a ton of loose, flowy dresses and tops and beautiful Indian bags. I also buy jewelry, mostly ankle bracelets because that’s what we all love to wear in my family! I bought Christmas gifts for my aunts and grandmothers from Goa and they just loved them!! And I bought us all matching anklets.

To other American models who want to come to India to work I would say don’t expect paradise, be ready for a bit of a culture shock, this is NOT America. Everything here takes time, everything is last minute and there really are no “plans.” Just take it easy and come here relaxed. You’ve got to have an open mind for India and be one of those people who is just a free spirit!

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