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2010 TOP 100 Bellazon's Sexiest Women

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Hi there, I'd like to do something similar to what they do in some magazines, a TOP 100 of the sexiest/hottest women of all 2010.

For that, you only have to pick your personal TOP 20 women of 2010 following just a few rules:


- Any model, actress, singer, sportswoman, whoever... but they must have their own thread created in Bellazon before the time of this message.

- Only women alive and popular in 2010, do not vote classic actresses, classic models, dead people, men...

- Also older than 18, born before December 31st 1992.


- From now on until the 1st of January 2011 at 0:00 o'clock in the last corner of the world, that is Hawaii if I am not wrong.

- That means 2:00 in Los Angeles, 5:00 in NYC, 10:00 in London, 11:00 in Paris, 21:00 in Sydney...


- Try to vote considering only 2010 instead of your favorites ever or several years ago.

- Do not leave empty spots, make sure there are 20.

- Do not place 2 women in the same spot, failure to do so I might consider all your votes invalid.

- You can change your votes but there will be a deadline when you won't be able to do it any longer, it'll probably be on Dec 20, when I'll begin to count the votes and prepare the final list and pics.

- You can also add any pictures in the thread in order to try to get any votes.

And finally I'll give 25, 20, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to them.

Obviously the woman with the most points wins.

And one additional rule, to be on the final TOP 100 list each woman will require a minimum number of votes that will depend on the final number or voters, it will probably be at least 3 different votes.

That's only to avoid anyone with just 1 voter who has given her 25 points could reach the TOP 100 list, so you'd better think about that before wasting your 25 points. :)

By the way, I might change or add any rule in the following days, only to improve the poll.

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Here you have a template just in case you want to use it...





















Let's see if we can be 40-50 voters or even more, you all have around 50 days to vote.

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My TOP 20...

1- Mila Kunis

2- Olga Kurylenko

3- Charlize Theron

4- Kate Beckinsale

5- Olivia Wilde

6- Jessica Alba

7- Zoe Saldana

8- Odette Yustman

9- Natalie Portman

10- Ashley Greene

11- Katie Cassidy

12- Amber Heard

13- Cobie Smulders

14- Irina Shayk

15- Candice Boucher

16- Kim Cloutier

17- Alessandra Ambrosio

18- Miranda Kerr

19- Marion Cotillard

20- Angelina Jolie

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do we send you our top 20 in message with pictures or just names or both

Just the names, as I have just done.

But feel free to add any pics, you may get some points for them.

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My Top 20

1. Monica Belluci

2. Dita von teese

3. Adriana Lima

4. Eva Green

5. Gemma Arterton

6. Rachel McAdams

7. Mylene janpanoi

8. Selma Hayak

9. Penelope Cruz

10. Ashley Judd

11. Jennifer Connelly

12. Thandie Newton

13. Kate Winslett

14. Mariska Hargitay

15. Keira Knightley

16. Mila Kunis

17. Olga Kurylenko

18. Rosamund Pike

19. Natalie Portman

20. Liv Tyler

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1- Lindsay Ellingson

2- Erin Heatherton

3- Jennifer Morrison

4- Lucy Hale

5- Candice Swanepoel

6- Kimberley Walsh

7- Mary Elizabeth Winstead

8- Rachel Stevens

9- Ashley Benson

10- Kaley Cuoco

11- Lily Donaldson

12- Natasha Poly

13- Edita Vilkeviciute

14- Dianna Agron

15- Maryna Linchuk

16- Leighton Meester

17- Nadine Coyle

18- Alessandra Ambrosio

19- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

20- Julia Stegner

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1.Eugenia Silva

2.Angelina Jolie

3.Nicole Kidman

4.Daniella Sarahyba

5.Alessandra Ambrosio

6.Kate Beckinsale

7.Ashley Judd

8.Christy Turlington

9.Jennifer Connelly

10.Naomi Watts

11.Almudena Fernandez

12.Noomi Rapace

13.Caroline Riberio

14.Valeria Mazza

15.Izabel Goulart

16.Kate Hudson

17.Ines Sastre

18.Eva Green

19.Katherine Hiegl

20.Rachel Bilson

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Here is mine:

1 Dita Von Teese

2 Adriana Lima

3 Monica Bellucci

4 Kim Kardashian

5 Rose Huntington Whitely

6 Olga Kurylenko

7 Katy Perry

8 Trish Stratus

9 Midajah O'Hearn

10 Kate Beckinsale

11 Megan Fox

12 Alyssa Milano

13Gemma Arterton

14 Selma Hayeck

15 Stacey Kiebler

16 Jennifer Connelly

17Mylene janpanoi

18 Eva Green

19 Liv Tyler

20 Irina Shayk

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1. Maggie Cheung

2. Fan Bingbing

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Joelle Kayembe

5. Lin Peng

6. Chiaki Kuriyama

7. Devon Aoki

8. Li Bingbing

9. Gong Li

10. Naomi Campbell

11. Samantha Ahrens

12. Sara Cardillo

13. Salma Hayek

14. Go Ah Ra

15. Linda Evagelista

16. Claudia Schiffer

17. Cintia Dicker

18. Nadja Auermann

19. Christy Turlington

20. Iman

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1- Gisele Bundchen

2- Alessandra Ambrosio

3- Candice Swanepoel

4- Erin Heatherton

5- Ana Beatriz Barros

6- Emanuela De Paula

7- Irina Sheik

8- Karolina Kurkova

9- Izabel Goulart

10- Isabeli Fontana

11- Marisa Miller

12- Edita Vilkeviciute

13- Miranda Kerr

14- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

15- Doutzen Kroes

16- Laetitia Casta

17- Adriana Lima

18- Bianca Balti

19- Bar Refaeli

20- Natasha Poly

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How popular do they have to be?

I don't know, that's not measurable and very subjective, and it also depends on where you are from.

Just pick your 20 favorite women of the year, and try they're not 20 complete unknown ones.

You can take a look at the lists already written and you'll get a rough idea.

There's a mixture of actresses, models, athletes...

1.Eugenia Silva

2.Almudena Fernandez

VIVA ESPAÑA!!! :laugh:

BTW, I saw Almudena in person, face to face not long ago, and she disappointed me a little bit.

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Oh god this is really hard :/

1- Emanuela De Paula

2- Candice Swanepoel

3- Adriana Lima

4- Cintia Dicker

5- Mila Kunis

6- Kelly Brook

7- Jessica Alba

8- Edita Vilkeviciute

9- Doutzen Kroes

10 - Megan Fox

11- Katy Perry

12- Izabel Goulart

13- Rosie Huntington

14- Natalia Vodianova

15- Ashley Greene

16- Miranda Kerr

17- Frieda Pinto

18- Blake Lively

19- Hilary Rhoda

20- Shakira

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Sexiest/hottest women of all 2010

1. Candice Swanepoel

2. Adriana Lima

3. Bar Rafaeli

4. Isabeli Fontana

5. Charlize Theron

6. Katie Mcgrath

7. Michelle Ryan

8. Rosie Huntington

9. Julie Ordon

10. Ana Beatriz Barros

11. Doutzen Kroes

12. Jessica Alba

13. Angelina Jolie

14. Emily Didonato

15. Keira Knightley

16. Odette Yustman

17. Ashley Greene

18. Izabel Goulart

18. Olga Kurylenko

19. Alessandra Ambrósio

20. Emanuela de Paula

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1- Adriana Lima

2- Brooklyn Decker

3- Luisana Lopilato

4- Bar Refaeli

5- Anahí - her thread has like 1 page but hey, it's there!

6- Miranda Kerr

7 -Karolina Kurkova

8- Amber Heard

9- Izabel Goulart

10- Isabeli Fontana

11- Anne Vyalitsyna

12- Candice Swanepoel

13- Erin Heatherton

14- Esti Ginzburg

15- Cintia Dicker

16- Edita Vilkekviciute

17- Katsia Damenkova

18- Ashley Greene

19- Daniela Freitas

20- Megan Fox

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1-cintia dicker

2-isabeli fontana

3-gisele bündchen

4-emily didonato

5-claudia schiffer

6-carmen solomons

7-astrid bèrges-frisbey

8-megan fox

9-sienna miller

10-keira knightley

11-anne vyalitsyna

12-edita vilkeviciute

13-amanda seyfried

14-nicole kidman

15-monica belucci

16-eva green

17-kate moss

18-caroline winberg

19-laetitia casta

20-zihi zang

sorry theron.it wasn`t on purpose :ninja:

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1- Josie Maran

2- Michea Crawford

3- Alessandra Ambrosio

4- Kim Cloutier

5- Valentina Zeliaeva

6- Petra Nemcova

7- Emily Didonato

8- Daniela Freitas

9- Olivia Wilde

10- Olivia Munn

11- Salma Hayek

12- Catherine McNeil

13- Shanina Shaik

14- Nicole Trunfio

15- Ginta Lapina

16- Bianca Balti

17- Megan Fox

18- Kemp Muhl

19- Anna Christine Speckhart

20- Marloes Horst

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This is gonna be tough :)

Here are mine...

1- Candice Swanepoel

2- Miranda Kerr

3- Zoe Saldana

4- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

5- Emily Blunt

6- Gemma Arterton

7- Doutzen Kroes

8- Adriana Lima

9- Alessandra Ambrosio

10- Erin Heatheron

11- Katie Cassidy

12- Scarlett Johansson

13- Emily Didonato

14- Sandra Bullock

15- Maggie Q

16- Hilary Rhoda

17- Caroline Trentini

18- Kristen Bell

19- Kate Winslet

20- Blake Lively

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I always have such a hard time making up lists like this but I'll give it a shot anyways.

1. Kate Beckinsale

2. Erin Heatherton

3. Izabel Goulart

4. Scarlett Johannson

5. Cintia Dicker

6. Carrie Underwood

7. Brooklyn Decker

8. Adriana Lima

9. Katie Cassidy

10. Nina Dobrev

11. Ashley Greene

12. Alessandra Ambrosio

13. Gemma Arterton

14. Edita Vilkeviciute

15. Carla Ossa

16. Renata Kuerten

17. Kim Cloutier

18. Jessie James

19. Emma Watson

20. Dianna Agron

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